eQuaid plus (90x500mg.)
  • eQuaid plus (90x500mg.)
  • eQuaid plus (90x500mg.)

1gr eQuaid plus probiotic 15 single-dose envelopes


* eQuaid® complet carries a wide range of intrinsic milk bacteria (up to 191 lactic acid bacteria have been isolated in mare's milk) that can not be counted but undoubtedly help balance the microbiome and the defense system .

-Lactobacillus plantarum eQuaid®01

-Bifidobacterium lactis

-Lactobacillus rhamnosus


COMPOSITION: Enteric capsule with 20Million CFU / gr.
     - eQuaid complet
     - Lactobacillus plantarum eQuaid®01
     - Bifidobacterium lactis
     - Lactobacillus rhamnosus

We use eQuaid® complet as a cryoprotectant of probiotic bacteria that also acts as a symbiotic to ensure the survival and stabilization of bacteria in the body.

DOSAGE: 2 Capsules of 500mg / day
It can be incorporated into the daily diet in continuous use to improve vitality, energy and increase defenses.

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