Shipping & Returns

Transporting your package

Nationally (Spain), packages are sent by MRW within 24 hours (no deliveries are made on Saturdays and holidays) after receipt of your payment, provided that you have had time to prepare the order the same day, orders placed before 12 noon. noon. Shipping charges include packaging, handling and shipping. And insurance to cover the amount of the resend in case of loss of the package.

Internationally, the best transport will be sought depending on the area and country. We use the Packlink platform  to search for the most appropriate transport company according to needs.


Returns are only accepted in case of defective product or damage to it by transport, but the carrier must be notified when picking up that the package is damaged and leave a record with the carrier, otherwise we will not be able to file claims and Consequently we can not cover the damage caused by the carrier.